The Outsiders

Final Test



Match the Greaser with his description


1.         ______            Dallas                                       a.            wise-cracker


2.         ______            Sodapop                                  b.              tough, cold, mean


3.         ______            Darry                                       c.              frightened, abused


4.         ______            Johnny                                      d.            serious, determined


5.         ______            Two-Bit                                e.              attractive, like a Greek god



True or False:

Write true or false next to each statement below.  Correct each false answer and make it true.


6.         ______            Ponyboy finds it easier to talk to Darry than Sodapop.


7.         ______            Cherry, Marcia, Bob, Randy, Johnny, Two-Bit, and Ponyboy go to

                                    the same school.


8.         ______            Greasers usually start most of the fights with the Socs.


9.         ______            Darry turned down a college scholarship so the Curtis brothers would have enough money to stay together. 


10.       ______            Ponyboy saw Johnny stab Bob.


11.       ______            Ponyboy and Johnny hide out in a church for two weeks.


12.       ______            Ponyboy and Johnny think their cigarettes probably started the church fire.


13.       ______            Bob’s death makes Randy want to fight for revenge in the rumble.


14.       ______            Dally cares about no one.


15.       ______            At the court hearing, the judge realizes Ponyboy has been ill.



Answer the following questions completely.


  1. Who is the author of the story?




  1. What is the plot of the story?





  1. What is a Greaser?






  1. What is a Soc?






  1. Who are the protagonists?






  1. Name at least three Greasers?





  1. Name three Socs?





  1. Where did Johnny and Ponyboy meet Marcia and Cherry?





  1. In the order that things happened, describe the scenes after the movie until Bob was killed.

















  1. Why does Johnny kill Bob?




  1. Who do the boys ask for help?



  1. Where do they go?




  1. Who does Johnny idolize more than any other Greaser?




  1. How long do Johnny and Ponyboy hide out?




  1. Describe what happened to their hideout.





  1. How doe the boys become heroes?



  1. Why does Johnny consider Dally gallant like the Southern gentlemen?





  1. What book do Johnny and Ponyboy read?




  1. What happens when the boys get back to the city?





  1. When Ponyboy sees Darry crying at the hospital, what does he realize about how Darry feels?




  1. What are the extent of Johnny’s, Dally’s, and Ponyboy’s injuries?





  1. How do Mr. and Mrs. Curtis die?





  1. What food item do Ponyboy, Sodapop, and Darry eat for breakfast?





  1. What is a rumble?





  1. What does Dally ask Two-Bit for while he’s in the hospital?




  1. What does Dally use to get out of the hospital?



  1. Who won the rumble?





  1. Where did Dally and Ponyboy go after the rumble?





  1. What happened to Johnny?






  1. What happened to Dally when he left the hospital?






  1. In his letter to Ponyboy, what advice does Johnny give?










  1. What happens at the court hearing?









  1. This book is written in the perspective of Ponyboy.  Why does Ponyboy “write” this book?





Answer the following questions in COMPLETE SENTENCES!!!!



  1. Explain why the Socs and the Greasers fight.










  1.   Explain the meaning of Johnny’s last words, “stay gold.”











  1. What is the meaning of the following poem?


Nature’s first green is gold,

Her hardest hue to hold.

Her early leaf’s a flower;

But only so an hour.

Then leaf subsides to leaf.

So Eden sank to grief,

So dawn goes down to day.

Nothing gold can stay.





37.  What was your favorite part of the book?







38.  What are some of the lessons that you’ve learned from this book?










39.  How do you think this story pertains to your own life today?










40.  Would you recommend this book for next year’s seventh graders?  Why or why not?  (Not just a “Because”!!!)


























Match the words below with the correct definition.



madras                                                 nonchalantly

roguishly                                               gallantly

ornery                                                  elite

premonition                                          smoldering

defiance                                                aloofness



41.  _______________________  cool, carefree, and casually unconcerned



      42.________________________      a cotton cloth of fine texture, usually with a plaid,.

                                          striped, or checkered pattern


      43.________________________      bold resistance to an opposing force or authority



      44.________________________      stately; majestic; a man courteously attentive to



      45.________________________      a presentiment of the future; foreboding



      46.________________________      of a stubborn and mean spirited nature



      47.________________________      dishonest; unprincipled; playfully mischievous



      48.________________________      distant, especially in one’s relations with other



      49.________________________      a small privileged group



      50.________________________      to manifest repressed anger or hatred









Fill in the blank with the correct vocabulary word.


reluctantly                                                   eluded

contemptuously                               mourning

keeled                                                        hysterics

mimicking                                                   palomino

delinquents                                                 inhalation


  1. Dally often_______________________police.




  1. Ponyboy looked at Cherry________________________when she felt pity towards his family life.



  1. Two-Bit______________________offered to buy it.



  1. Johnny________________________over after he was hit.




  1. The doctors said that Ponyboy suffered from smoke_____________________.




  1. The woman ran to the teacher in _________________because the children were in the burning church.




  1. The boys were _______________________the lady’s actions.




  1. Sodapop was in love with a _____________________named Mickey Mouse.




  1. Greasers were usually juvenile_______________________.



  1. The members of Johnny’s gang were______________________his death differently.